Friday, August 14, 2009

Space Toys Online: Smith House Robot Auction #75

Smith House Toy and Auction Company has posted the first batch of preview pictures for their October sale (#75) of robots and space toys.

Images © Smith House Toys.

The preview represents only a small portion of the collection of Alan Rosen, a top-tier collector who, in a short amount of time, managed to acquire nearly every golden-age toy robot produced. What's more, Rosen obsessed over quality, and each toy is in impeccable condition, often with its original box. (He's actually nicknamed "Mr. Mint.") 

Smith House has yet to finalize a date for the auction, which is actually Part 2 of the Rosen sale. Part 1 (auction #74), featuring his amazing collection of space ships, rockets, futuristic vehicles, and other related toys -- as well as a few extra robots -- was held in May of this year. 

For more information and photos, or to order an auction catalog -- which is practically guaranteed to become one of the top robot reference books -- visit the Smith House web site at

I tell ya, it's a good time to be a robot collector. Or a bad one, if you also happen to care about paying rent, eating, and generally getting by with more than goose eggs in your savings account. But why obsess over unimportant details? It's all about the toys, right? Right.

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