Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pyrotomic Disintegrator in Fear Agent comic book

There's a lot of buzz on the Internet about a possible movie version of the comic book Fear Agent. Written by Rick Remender and published by Dark Horse Comics, the gripping series focuses on Heath Huston, an alcoholic space-adventurer who at one time was charged with defending the Earth from various rampaging aliens.

Fear Agent! But wait, what's that in his hand?!

Fear Agent is also, as far as I know, the only piece of popular media in which the Pyrotomic Disintegrator (Pyro Plastics, 1952) plays a prominent role. I find this amazing; while most collectors consider the toy to be the pinnacle of the genre, few people outside of the hobby have ever even heard of it. I'm sure most people reading the comic have no idea that Heath Huston's pistol is based on an actual toy.

The legendary Pyrotomic Disintegrator (top), and the comic book version, which adds a fin and tweaks the barrel rings.

By the way, I posted a long article about the Pyrotomic Disintegrator earlier today. Click here or, you know, just scroll down three inches.

Anyway, it's nice when a vintage toy makes its way back into mainstream consciousness. Though all this begs the question, If Universal Pictures makes the film, will its production designers keep the Pyrotomic Disintegrator? More on this riveting news story as it develops!

Another Fear Agent cover, and a close-up of the Pyro.

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