Friday, August 21, 2009

Win Stuff!

That's right, kids. It's time to win some fun prizes! For months now, I've been trying to entertain and educate you all on the glories of vintage space toys by writing about, and photographing, interesting robots and ray guns from my collection. Well, now it's time for you to entertain me!

~the contest~

Write a short story that uses one or more of the toys featured in this blog. 
I don't mean write about the toys. Rather, I want you to write something that makes these toys real and uses them as props or characters. Perhaps a story about a space hero who uses a Pyrotomic Disintegrator, or a Smoking Spaceman that saves a colony of alien farmers. I don't care -- use your imagination and see what you come up with. There's no length requirement or restriction. 


Create some visual art using representations of one or more of these toys. 
Again, use your imagination! Don't just create a portrait of the toy -- that's boring and probably won't win. This can be a comic, an illustration, a painting, a sculpture, a photo montage, a piece of animation -- anything!


EMAIL ME a copy of what you've written or a photo/scan/whatever of your visual masterpiece. 
I'll pick one winner from the written category and one winner from the visual category to each receive a grand prize. You're free to submit as many entries as you like, in either category -- or both! However, you can only win once.

Let me repeat: Entries should be EMAILED TO ME. Use the button on the right side of the blog -- it will take you to my profile page, which has an email link. 


All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, September 7 September 21. That should give you all enough time to blow my mind.

~the prize~

So what do you win? Glad you asked! You'll win at least a modern reproduction of a vintage robot, to be picked by me. You'll probably win some other stuff, but I'm still thinking about the prize pack. Besides, isn't it more fun to be surprised? I promise not to foist any of my random junk on you -- this isn't an excuse to clear out my clutter. 

Unless you ask me not to, all entries will be posted on the Attic of Astounding Artifacts -- at my discretion. You can feel free to get as R-rated as you like, but since this is a PG-13 blog, I reserve the right to not show the rest of the world your masterpiece. You can still win a prize, though -- good is good, right? 

So that's it. Get cracking! I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create.

Some legal fine print: 
All entries remain the property of their creators. The creators automatically grant permission for me to post their entries on my blog. However, if they tell me not to, I won't (easy, right?). All prizes are intended for adult collectors, and the Attic of Astounding Artifacts and its owner are in no way responsible for anything that might happen once you take possession of the prizes. (I know, I know -- they're just toys. But I've gotta say it.) The winner will be picked by me, Doc Atomic. My decisions remain final. There is no cost to enter, and shipping for the prizes will be paid by the Attic of Astounding artifacts. Contest is open to anyone, including friends and relatives of Doc Atomic. 


  1. My wife and I have been discussing an art project that fits perfectly into this contest - we'll be entering soon!

  2. @Bubbashelby:

    Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what you submit.


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