Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Space Patrol Cosmic Smoke Gun Advertisement on You Tube

In the early 1950s, Space Patrol was science-fiction television. At its peak, it aired every single day and drew millions of viewers -- both kids and adults. It also launched a zillion tie in products, more than enough to satisfy any space cadet.

One of the best was the Space Patrol Cosmic Smoke Gun, which I wrote about here. It's a bona fide classic; Leslie Singer, author of Zap!, the first book about ray guns, has publicly declared it his favorite gun. I know it's definitely high on my personal list, too.

Well guess what? While watching some old Space Patrol episodes on You Tube recently, I stumbled on an ad for this very gun! Yep, there it was, in stunning black and white, available for nothing more than a box top from some Rice Chex and "twenty-five cents in coin." Hot damn, that's the kind of deal you just can't pass up.

To see the ad, fast forward to the 2:37 mark.

By the way, this is the second part of a three part serial. Since Space Patrol is awesome, I suggest going back and watching the first episode.


  1. "Three Blasts and it puts a man to sleep--forever!" Spacemen, spacebabes, rockets and ray guns, who could ask for more. Now I have to go find out how it ends...

  2. Loved seeing that old commercial. Makes me want to order mine all over again. Imagine-- just 25 cents in coin! (What, no debit cards?)


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