Friday, October 2, 2009

Ach, so lazy

I'll admit it, I've not been updating this blog as often as I should -- or as often as I'd like to. A combination of distracting commitments and, I'll admit, laziness, has kept me from writing as much as I did in its early days. But never fear! Starting on Monday, I'll be updating the Attic every day... Okay, every two days, at most. But much more frequently, I promise.

I'll also be bringing back the Top-Shelf Titans column, as well as two other interviews that I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

Yep, now that summer's finally, completely, absolutely over and done with, my schedule is returning to normal, as is that of the Attic.

So I apologize for the delays, but you've only got to survive one more weekend before I'm back with the vintage toy porn you all know and -- I'm assuming -- love.



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