Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Somebody's Reading This Thing? Wow!

Many thanks to Chunky B at the wonderful Electorama blog for handing me a "One Lovely Blog" award. I'm one of seven blogs who received it under Mr. B's "Toys" category. And to think, I was told that writing about toys wouldn't ever get me anywhere. Suck on that, tenth grade English teacher Mr. Bellows!

This is my very first web award. Coming as it does from a blogger whose work I quite admire, it feels pretty good. But apparently, with neat awards comes, er, neat responsibility, and I've now got to pass on the honor to blogs that I think deserve the praise.

After giving it some considerable thought, I've decided to call out one of my favorite blogs: Webomator.

Featuring excellent, science fictional art, great writing, and all sorts of goodies, I think it stands as a good representation of what a blog can be. Definitely check it out!

Anyway, thanks again, Chunky. Say hi to Spock for me.


  1. Thanks! Honestly, I never knew I could even do "lovely."

    I feel like a pretty, pretty princess.


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