Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frederik Pohl's Blog!

Frederik Pohl is an award-winning science-fiction writer (the Gateway series, Man Plus, The Space Merchants, etc.) whose professional career goes back to the late Forties. He's edited SF magazines and anthologies (including the fantastic "Star Science Fiction" series), worked as a book agent for other SF authors (such as Arthur C. Clarke), and was one of the founders of both the Futurians and the Hydra Club. In short, Pohl's a legend, a dominant force in shaping science fiction's development for more than 70 years.

So you can imagine my glee when I discovered that he maintains a blog! It's called "The Way The Future Blogs" (, which is a play off the title of his 1978 autobiography, The Way The Future Was (a fantastic read, by the way).

Pohl uses his blog to reminisce about his career, the authors he's known, science fiction's history, and the events that shaped his life. It's a treasure trove for anyone who admires the author's work, as well as fans of science fiction in general.

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