Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hang out in the Attic and you'll quickly realize that most of my favorite toys were made in Japan. Robots, ray guns, some Star Wars figures... Lots of toys. It's a tenuous connection, I guess, but I can honestly say that Japan has, via a few twists and turns, brought me a lot of happiness over the years.

 The situation over there gets worse by the hour as the death toll climbs and meltdowns in numerous nuclear reactors becomes more and more likely. It's a horrible, terrifying tragedy. I encourage everyone reading this to help out however he or she can. Donating a few extra bucks is probably the easiest thing you can do -- organizations helping the relief effort can always use the money. But if you're tight right now (and believe me, I understand), then see if there's any other way you can help.

 Anyway... I guess that's all I've really got to say on the matter.

To my Japanese readers: My thoughts are with you guys... I hope you and your families are safe and sound.

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  1. Like you, most of my collection came from Japan and I do feel for them too. I have setup a space on my blog to hopefully draw in some donation to them.


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