Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FYI: New Visual Searches

It occurred to me that many people might want information on a space toy but not know what the toy is called. So I threw together a bunch of quick "Visual Search" pages comprised entirely of thumbnails. Links to these pages are listed just under the "Attic of Astounding Artifacts" banner at the top of the blog. Click on the picture of the toy that interests you and you'll be taken to its blog entry. As I continue to update the blog, I'll add new photos to the appropriate Visual Search pages.

I don't know, hopefully this makes the Attic a more user-friendly resource.


NOTE: I've tweaked the links to give them more of a "button" look. It ain't perfect, but it's better than what I had before.


  1. Hey, that's pretty handy! And now I'm seeing a bunch of stuff I missed--thanks!

  2. Excellent!

    My only problem is... well... it's kind of ugly. The images have different heights so the grid looks decidedly un-grid like. And I'm not at all happy with how those links look floating up above the body of the blog. The color's pretty terrible against the grey (though I like it against the white of the blog itself) and the gap between the blog and the top banner... Eh, don't even get me started.

    I'm not sure what I can do about it -- my HTML is decent, but I'm definitely not a Jedi yet. Hopefully I can tweak it just enough to keep me from throwing the whole thing away.


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