Thursday, November 12, 2009

Off To The Auction

A week without posts, I suck, I know. But it's been a busy few days as I scrambled to pull together funds for the impending Morphy auction of the Marc Solondz toy collection.

I'll be heading out tomorrow a.m. with fellow collectors -- and Attic contributors -- Steve Jaspen and Karl Tate. The plan is to stop by the auction house on Friday to check out part one of the auction (featuring Japanese vinyl and die-cast toys), and then it's off to the Toy Robot Museum to geek out with a bunch of other robot collectors. Then, on Saturday, it's the main event. I've got a few toys in my sights, and after selling off a whole bunch of random crap, I think I've got enough money to bring them home with me.

A rundown of the weekend, along with photos, will follow upon my return. Until then, happy collecting!


  1. Ooooo on your way to Lancaster County! lol Good luck!!

  2. Thanks!

    Good ol' Adamstown, my home away from home. Lots of toys lurking in all those antique shops -- as well as 50 bazillion other cool things -- and, of course, the world famous Toy Robot Museum. Gonna be a fun couple days.


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