Sunday, November 29, 2009

Space Toys On TV: French Edition!

My girlfriend, who watches a lot of French television, was nice enough to tell me about a program called Tous a la Brocante! on the channel TV 5 Monde. The program focuses on collecting, and takes viewers to flea markets, collectors' homes, auctions, and various other salient locales.

Of course, not speaking French myself, I've never cared too much about the program. Until, that is, my girlfriend showed me the opening credits. To my astonishment, they feature no fewer than five robots. And not just some modern toys -- Tous a la Brocante! prominently shows off Chief Robot Man, Robert the Robot, Ranger Robot, Door Robot, and Tulip Robot. While the first two have been reproduced, the latter are only available as antiques. None of them are the types of toys the average Joe is likely to know about -- seeing them on TV made my jaw drop.

Anyway, if you'd like to check them out for yourself, visit The opening is only about 30 seconds long -- the robots appear at around the 18 second mark.


  1. Hiya Doc... Just dropping in again to say I love looking at your fantastic toys!

  2. Well, thanks! Guess that means I need to be a little less lazy about posting. So let's see... I've gotta give ya a doozy next time...

  3. Ha ha, no need, I just love to be lazy and look at how wonderful you photograph and feature your treasures. =)


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