Monday, November 29, 2010

New Blog: Help Me Name It!

I've got a lot of toys. Most of them are more than 50 years old, and I write about them in this very blog. Obviously.

But I also collect some newer vintage toys, like Star Wars figures, Tron stuff, old Star Trek phasers, and a bunch of weird Japanese things. And frankly, I'd like to write about them, too. But the Attic of Astounding Artifacts isn't really the place for it.

So I'm starting a new blog to focus on all these other toys. It'll be a little less formal, probably, and I can't promise it'll be as chock full of information. But it'll be cool, it'll be fun, and hopefully it'll show off some toys that not everyone has a chance to see.

But now I need help naming it. So I'm calling on you, my weird and faithful readers, to shout out some suggestions. This isn't a contest, there's no prize. If I use your name, though, I'll be sure to give you all the credit in the world. I'll give you so much credit that you'll be getting credit for stuff you didn't even do. Hardcore credit, yo.

Leave your suggestions in the comments. I'll keep them hidden until the final name is picked.



  1. Here's a few, assuming you keep the "Doc Atomic's" moniker at the beginning...

    >Gallery of Galactic Geekery!
    >Super-Terrific Toybox! (or Super-Fantastic....)
    >Intergalactic Playground!
    >Hall of Awesome!
    >Nerdphile Pile!

    ...or if you wanted to borrow heavily from your current blog's title: Doc Atomic's Astounding Archives!

    /looking forward to it!

  2. Doc Atomic's Basement of Bodacious Belongings


  4. Doc, will we see the names that didn't make it? Might be kinda fun!

  5. Good question -- and good point! Yeah, I'll post 'em. But no one's allowed to complain if they think the one I chose isn't as good as some of the others! Ha ha.


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