Friday, January 28, 2011

Surpise! Stuff You Never Expected To Like

There are a number of items in my collection that, until I actually saw them in person, left me feeling lukewarm, at best. Their photos never did them justice, I guess, or maybe I just never saw anything about them that made them compelling. Whatever the reason, they were on my "meh" list, and I figured they'd never leave.

But then I'd see them in person, and it was like having a fire lit under me. I had to have 'em! And now that I do, I can't imagine ever letting them go.

So I'm wondering: What are some of the pieces in your own collections that surprised you with how much they've come to mean? Maybe it was something that went from zero to hero in a moment, or maybe it was something that grew on your over time. Regardless, tell me about the pieces that once were ignore, but now you'd never do without. Feel free to link to pictures if you're able.

I'll write about my own examples in a future post.

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  1. Good question!

    There's something that makes an item special, when I see it featured in a magazine. Oh maybe not the item itself, but seen somewhere in a magazine photo of a room or collection, for instance.

    Will have to ponder this a bit more for specific examples. =)


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