Friday, January 21, 2011

Wonderful Batman Fan Film: "The Rat"

Okay, okay... Why am I writing about a Batman fan film in the Attic of Astounding Artifacts? I'll tell ya. Because it was directed by a friend of mine named Dale Fabriger. He's immensely talented and watching his film, "The Rat," is a great way to spend five minutes.

Plus, Dale is a robot and ray gun collector, with one of the most kick-butt collections I've ever seen. So there's yer connection to the Attic. A short film about Batman made by an amazing filmmaker who just so happens to have the kind of toy collection that makes me drool. Any other questions? Didn't think so. Now watch the flick.

Oh, if you want to watch a higher resolution version of the film, click through to YouTube. Just sayin'.


  1. Ok this was just awesome! And i want to see more now. : )

  2. ok I saw this and was blown away by how good it was for its production value. Your friend hopefully will move up to feature length and wow us all.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review


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