Saturday, July 4, 2009

We're Sorry We Missed You. Please Call Again.

The Attic of Astounding Artifacts will be closed on July 4th in honor of Neptune's famed Uprising Day. While we realize that many of our patrons might not be of Neptunian descent, nor, in fact, ever have even visited our 8th planet, the Attic's staff members have a long and glorious tradition of attending the festivities. For a full account of each year's celebrations, please consult Form 42-AA306: Neptunian Police Patrol Incident Log, vols. 1-74. As both our lawyers and the planet's chief prosecutor assure us, it makes for fascinating, often educational, though highly uncomfortable reading. 

Stay spacey! The Attic resumes normal operations on Sunday, July 5, with the latest Top-Shelf Titan interview! PLUS: We add whole new category of vintage, space-age ephemera!

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  1. At last! The hour is at hand. With all the Neptunians drunk on celery juice and Triton weed, NOW is the time for all faithful patriots of Uranus to attack! Launch the warships! Arm the neutrino cannons!


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