Friday, June 26, 2009

Atomic Pow'r Pop Gun (Glenn / 1951 / Australia / 4 x 7.5 inches)

Bright colors, fanciful shapes, and lots and lots of rings pretty much defined space gun design during the 1950s. It was all thanks to plastic, a miracle material that could be mixed into any number of colors and then molded into any conceivable form. Toy makers took full advantage of this creative freedom, producing some of the most wonderful, futuristic toys imaginable. Take, for instance, the Atomic Pow'r Pop Gun.

Made in Australia, this early space gun used a brass plunger system to fire a cork. (The metal mechanism makes the Pow'r Pop much heavier than it looks.) Like many such toys, it included a whistle built into the base of the handle. Not a particularly complicated toy, I know, but it's definitely one of the nicest looking ones. The Pow'r Pop has always been high on my want-list, but it's an extremely rare toy; I finally landed one after nearly five years of searching.

The Pow'r Pop was available in three different color variations: This yellow one, a red one with blue grips and yellow tip, and a black one with turquoise grips and tip. The black is the most difficult to find.

I don't really know much else about the toy. I've heard a 1951 date bandied around, but I've never seen proof. Thanks to Steve Baker for confirming this!


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  2. That's fantastic information. I'd heard a rumor that the gun was dated at 1951, but hadn't found any proof to support the information. Thanks!

  3. For those who are curious, a nice reader informed me that published catalog information lists this gun as being produced in 1951. However, since the reader included his email address (so I could get in touch with him), I deleted the comment to maintain his privacy. Rest assured, once he's sent me further information, he'll get full credit for his wonderful discovery.

    Back to the program...


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