Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Electro Art Works: hand-made robot figures

Andy Hill, working under the name Electro Art Works (www.electroartworks.com), is an artist and collector who has turned his considerable talents towards making vintage-style robots, ray guns, and flying saucers (the latter often being driven by robots, and armed with ray guns, natch). While so many people think "1950s" when they're designing vintage robots, Andy seems to have captures a much earlier, 1930s science-fiction aesthetic. These robots really look like they stepped out of a Frank R. Paul Amazing Stories cover painting. It's only one of the things that makes the Andy Bots stand out from the crowd. 

My two Andy Bots: Blasto (left) and Cosmo. Photos: Andy Hill

Andy's figures -- sculptures, toys, whatever you want to call them -- are full of personality, but without being hokey. (If they were animated movies, they'd be Wall-E, not Robots.) He uses found parts, but combines them so skillfully, and is such a wiz with fabrication, that you can't really tell where the bits and pieces come from. Andy once told me that he likes using found parts as a means of recycling. So on top of being completely cool, his figures are environmentally sound. Guilt-free fun! 

You can see all of the robots (and other sculptures, including dinosaurs) produced by Electro Art Works over the years by visiting the web site. Don't be put off by the "sold" signs on so many of the figures. Andy seems to work in waves, and there's never a long pause before new robots start popping up on his site. 

On a personal note, I've known Andy for a couple years. I own two of his robots, and will probably own more. He's a great gun, fun and friendly, and I consider him a real asset to the vintage robot community.

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