Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program: The Revenge!

I know, I know. I promised more pictures today. I apologize, my camera's still out of the house and my backup just doesn't take good enough photos. So instead, I'll tell you about two more excellent things on the web.

This clever little Twitter feed is run by science-fiction and pop-culture aficionado Jeff Berkwits. Using only 140 characters -- or less! including spaces! -- he reviews books, web sites, movies, and whatever else happens to catch his eye. Despite the character limit, Jeff manages to make his reviews insightful and fun. If you're on Twitter, I definitely suggest you "follow" his feed and get a brand spankin' new review every day. (See, I'd make a horrible Twitter-er... I'm lucky if I keep things under 140 words...)

Frankensteinia (
Monster Crazy (
If your classified ad reads something like: "You: Tall, green, flat-headed, with large bolts coming out of your neck. Me: Young, blond, don't know how to swim, but let's get together and pick flowers by the pond anyway!" then you really need to check out Frankensteinia. It's by far the most complete resource for all Frank-related ephemera, pictures, info, and trivia. Lots of fun and guaranteed to suck up all your time.

Monster Crazy is picture blog run by the guy who runs Frankensteinia. Nothing but images and links back to the original owners. Look closely and you might recognize one or two from a certain excellent space toy blog. Nice

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